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Common Problems for Freelancers

There is no perfect job. However, if you met a person with a routine office job, they are likely to confirm that their work is not exciting and that they are bored to be doing it. Freelancers understand what it means to have an exciting job with lots of freedom. Although it might seem great, freelancing also has its challenges. Below are four of the problems freelancers have to handle every other day.

Rich today, tomorrow you have no money

As a freelancer, you are free to select the companies to work for. In some cases, however, the decision is beyond their control. When you do not have anybody to work for, the freedom suddenly seems like a curse. One day you have lots of tasks and money, and the next day there is no work. One can deal with this situation by just keeping some of his or her money as security so that when there is no work, they can still survive.

Delayed pay
Being wise on how you manage your cash will also help manage another challenge. Delayed payments might discourage the freelancer as one may lack a few necessities. handling this is easy- all you have to do is to ask for an advance payment of 50% before you tackle the task.

Reoccurring tasks
In case you are not a freelancer, it might be hard for you to realize the amount of bias towards the modern types of employments such as freelancing. For instance, a rental agency will require proof of employment before they hand over the key. Unfortunately for freelancers, they do not have such proof since it is not issued to them. It is easy to handle this by storing detailed financial records of your income and producing pay stubs from the relevant sites.

Proper planning of the day’s activities
Many freelancers approve that the choice for the career was because they felt that the usual 9-5 routine was boring and thus did not want to follow suit. The problem is that this routine may turn out to be 11-10 or even later, especially for those who work from home. Usually, many people have a hard time quitting work to do something else. Despite this grave challenge, all is not lost; there is still potential for a freelancer to manage his or her time properly so that they can prosper. If you are having a problem with procrastination, try using time tracking software since it helps. Once you can sit down and concentrate on working without doing anything else, you are on the right track.